Practical Knowledge

Main Role of Information Systems.

Support the Business: As a customer, you have regular contact with the information systems that support business processes and operations in many retail stores where where you shop. For example, most retail stores now use computer-based information systems to help them record customer purchases, track inventory, pay employees, buy new merchandise, as well as to evaluate sales trends. Operations will store Stop it if there is no support from the system information of this kind.Decission Support System; Information systems also help store managers and other business practitioners to make better decisions. For example, merchandise lines keputusanmengenai what needs to be added or discontinued, or about what kind of investment they need, usually made after an analysis provided by computer-based information systems. This not only supports the decision of the manager of the store, shoppers and others, but also helps them look at various ways to get the advantage of the other retailers compete for customers.Competitive Advantage supports; Gaining strategic advantages over competitors, requires innovative use of information technology. For example, store management may make-the decision to install kiosks with touch screens in all tokomereka, which is connected to the E-Commerce website for shopping online.Hal they may be able to attract new customers and build customer loyalty because of the ease of shopping and purchasing merchandise supplied by this sort of information systems. Thus, strategic information systems can help provide products and services that give a company a comparative advantage over its competitors.

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