Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wireless technology.

Wireless technology.

Wireless telecommunications technology, controlling radio waves, microwaves, infrared, and light pulses to transmit digital communications, wireless communication between devices. Wireless technologies including terrestrial microwave, satellite communications, cellular and PCS telephone and pager systems, mobile data radios, Wireless LAN, Wireless Internet and other technologies. Each technology uses certain jangkaun, in the electromagnetic spectrum (in Mega Hertz), from electromagnetic frequencies mentioned by national regulatory agencies, to reduce interference, and encourage efficient telecommunications.

Micro wave terrestrial.

Micro wave terrestrial microwave systems involve, attached to the earth, which sends radio signals at high speed, the path between the receiving station, which is located approximately 30 miles. Microwave antenna, usually placed on top of buildings, monuments, hill, or mountain top. This antenna has often we see in many places in this country. The antenna is still a popular medium for metropolitan area networks, and remote.

Satellite Communications,

Satellite communications also use short-wave radio as a medium for telecommunication. Generally, communications satellites that orbit farther away from the earth's surface (high-earth-orbit, HEO), placed in orbit geosinkronis, located approximately 22.000 miles above the equator. Satellite gets power from solar panels, and can send a signal, a short wave of several hundred million bytes per second. Serves as a satellite broadcasters, for the communication signal transmitted from the earth station. Earth stations use dish antenna to direct short wave signals to a satellite, which strengthens and sends back the signal to the other work on earth, located thousands of miles away.

Communications satellites originally used to transmit voice and video. However, the current satellites are also used to send large amounts of data at high speed. Leh due to delays caused by distance, the satellite is not suitable for direct or interactive processing. Satellite communications system is run by the few companies in the world.

Various other satellite technology, is being implemented to improve the global business communications. For example, many companies use a small dish network called "a very small open terminal" (very-small-aperture terminal VSAT), for connecting them to the workplace store the remote through the radio. Other satellite networks using satellites are orbiting close to earth's surface (low-earth-orbit, LEO), which orbits at an altitude of only 500 miles above the Earth's surface

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