Sunday, January 6, 2013

Application Software: Application to End Users.

Introduction of the Software

Overview of the various main types of software, where you work with computers, and will also discuss the various characteristics and their purpose and give some examples of the use of them. Before we begin, let's see an example of software in the business world is always changing.

Software Business Applications
Thousands of special software, available to support specific end-user applications, in business and other fields. For example, software applications supporting business reengineering, and business process automation, with a strategic e-business applications, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Supply Chain Management (SCM). Other example is the software that can be operated on the Web, such as E-Commerce, or in various functional areas such as Human Resource Management, Accounting and Finance. There are still other software that empowers business managers and praktisis with decision support tools, such as data mining, enterprise information portals, or Knowledge Management System.
We will not discuss in detail the applications mentioned here, but yet we discuss next, on a variety of software and business applications. For example in our next post we will discuss Data Warehousing, Data transfer, application accounting, marketing, production, human resources and financial management, and customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, E-Commerce and Decision Support Systems . All we will discuss in the next post.

Suite Software and Integrated Package
Let's begin our discussion of the general application software known by looking at the various Suite Software. This was done because of productivity software, the most widely used, put together a suite of software, such as Microsoft Office, Lotus Smart Suite, Corel Word Perfect Office and Star Office from Sun, studying the components they gave us an overview of the software tools important that you can use to enhance your productivity.
A software suite cost is much cheaper than the total cost of buying the software in them separately. Another plus is that all programs using the Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is almost identical to the symbol tools, line status, and so on, which gives them the look and taste the same, and make them easier to learn and use. Software Suite as well as various tools like spell checker, and a wizard to help improve their efficiency. Other major advantages is the suite of programs, designed to work together without being seen and import each file with ease, no matter what program you're using at the moment. This capability makes the suite more efficient and easier to use than using different types of software version separately.
Of course, putting so many programs and features together in a large super-sized pack has beberpa weakness. Critics of the industry argue that the world has many features in the software suite is never used by most end users. The suites are taking a lot of places, from 100 megabytes to 150 megabytes over, tegantung on which version or which function you install. Thus, such software sometimes, jokingly, referred to by detractors developer tools. The cost of the suite can vary from the low of $ 100 for the full version of some of the suite editions. These weaknesses is one of the reasons for the continued use of an integrated package such as Microsoft Works, Lotus e-Suite Workplace, AppleWorks, and others.

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