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In this case, shows the important role of information technology, the success of However, Jeff Bezos statement about the importance of "technology, tekologi technology," the success of the company, also proved true for the chances of success of many companies and other businesses today. As with Amazon, many companies now rely on their internet website, to attract, sell, and serve many of their customers. And like the Amazon, the majority of businesses, large and small, depend on information technology to empower many of the basic processes of their business - from office accounting systems, warehouse inventory system, to the system of direct sales and support to customers. As with Amazon, many managers and business practitioners, is currently using the data and information they get, from their information systems, to help them make business decisions, which can work well-for example, Bezos's decision to put new and existing products from competitors on the same website page as Amazon's products. This kind of success further strengthens the role and benefits of the use of information technology in today's business.

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