Monday, January 14, 2013

Telecommunications Processor

Telecommunications Processor

Telecommunications processors such as modems, multiplexer, switches, and routers, perform various support functions, such as computers and other equipment in the telecommunications network.


Modem is the most common telecommunication processor. Modem converts the digital signal from the computer, or terminal transmission, at one end of analog telecommunication frequencies that can be transmitted by using a regular phone line. Modem on the other end of the communication channel, change back into digital form at the receiving terminal. This process is called modulation and demodulation, and the word modem stands Edua word. Modem is available in various forms, including the smallest unit of a separate, circuit board mounted, and a modem card that can be removed from the laptop. Most modems also support various telecommunications functions, such as control of transmission errors, penelponan, and automatic acceptance, and fax capabilities.

Modem is used for telephone network was originally designed for analog signals (electromagnetic waves), such as those produced by the human voice on the phone. Because the data from the computer in digital form (pulse voltage), there should be a tool to convert digital signals into analog transmission frequency appropriate and vice versa. However, the digital network, which uses only a digital signal, and does not require conversion of analog / digital is increasingly common. Because many modem also perform various telecommunications support functions, such as modem digital equipment is still used in digital networks.


Multiplexer is a communications processor that enables a single communications channel to carry simultaneous data transmissions from many terminals. This is achieved in two ways. In this, the frequency division multiplex (FDM), effectively dividing the channel multiplexer, high-speed channel Cleaner be much lower. In a time division multiplexer (TDM), multiplexer can share time digunakanoleh every terminal in the high-speed channel into time frames, or time slots, which are very short.

Internet-Based Processors

Telecommunications networks interconnected by a special purpose processor communication called internet-based processor (internetwork processors), such as switches, routers, hubs, and gateways. Switch is a communications processor that connects between telecommunications circuits in the network. When this switch is available in various versions with network management capabilities. Router communication processor is connected each intelligent network based on different rules or protocols, so that messages can be sent to its destination telecommunications. Hub telecom is changing port processor. More advanced version of hubs and switches provide automatic change between connections, called port for shared access to network resources. Workplace, servers, printers, and other network resources generally associated with the port. A network communication architecture using different interconnected using telecommunications processors called gateways. All equipment ni essential to provide easy access and connections between the various LAN and WAN, which is part of da internet client / server network in many companies.

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