Friday, January 11, 2013

Using Internet Business

Internet Business Value

How many companies that received the business value of the Internet for E-Commerce. The cost savings are substantial, can diperleh for applications that use the Internet, and Internet-based technologies (such as intranets and extranets) cheaper to dkembangkan, run, and maintain than a traditional system. For example, American Airlines save money every time pelangganmenggunakan Web site, not their phone system support.
Sources of other businesses, including the acquisition of new customers, with products and marketing, innovative, and retain customers, now with improved support, and customer service. Of course, increased revenue, through the application of E-Commerce is the main source of business value. Mostly, the company built a Web site E-Business and E-Commerce, in order to achieve six major business value, namely:

a. Generate new revenue from online berlualan.
b. Reduce transaction costs through online sales and customer support.
c. Attract new customers through advertising and web marketing as well as selling online.
d. Increase customer loyalty through improved customer support and service sites.
e. Developing new markets Web-based, and distribution channels for existing products.
f. Develop information-based products balls that can be accessed on the Web.

Intranet Business Value

All types of organizations are implementing intranet usage. One way to manage enterprise intranet application is to classify that, conceptually, into a few categories of service users, which shows the basic services offered by the intranet users. How applications, the intranet can be combined with the resources, the existing information system, and extended to customers, suppliers, and business partners via the Internet and extranets.

Communication and Collaboration: Intranet can significantly improve communication and collaboration within the enterprise.
Web Publication; Advantages development, and publication of documents mutimedia, a hyperlink to the hypermedia database that can be accessed on the World Wide Web server has been shifted to the corporate Intranet.
Management and Business Operations; Intranet is not just making hypermedia information available on the Web server, or send it to the user, through a broadcast network.

Extranet Business Value.

Eksranet Role; when companies use Internet technology opens (extranet) to improve communication with customers and partners, companies can gain many competitive advantages, in developing products business, cost savings, marketing, distribution, and increased partnerships.
Extranet business value obtained from several factors. First, extranet Web browser technology makes Web customers and suppliers to access intranet resources more easily and faster than the old method of business. Second, extranet enables the company to a new interactive Web services for their business partners. So, the extranet is another way for businesses to build or strengthen relationships with strategic suppliers pelanggandan. In addition, the extranet enabling and improving business cooperation with customers and other business partners. Extranets facilitate product development, marketing, and customer-focused processes in interactive and online, which can produce products that are designed to be marketed better and faster.

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