Friday, January 11, 2013

Telecommunication Network Business Value.

Telecommunication Network Business Value.

Business value of what is obtained when the company, using telecommunications trends, we have identified? The use of the internet, extranet, intranet, and other telecommunications networks to reduce costs, shorten processing time business, supporting E-Commerce, improve cooperation working group, develop operational processes online, resource sharing, locking subscriber and suppliers, as well as developing services, and new products. This makes the application more strategic and vital telecommunications for businesses that must keep looking carabaru to compete well in the domestic market, as well as in the global market.

Internet Revolution

The rapid growth of the Internet is a revolutionary phenomenon, in computing and telecommunications. The Internet has become a network, the largest, and most important of the current network, and evolved, becoming the global information highway. Internet increasingly widespread, as more and more businesses, organizations, computers, and networks that join the global Web. Thousands of business networking, education, and research at this time, millions of interconnected computer systems and users in over 200 countries. For example, users of the internet, around the world is estimated at between 580 million and 655 million people in 2002, with an estimated 710 million to 945 million internet users, in 2004.

The Internet has no center or center kompuer telecommunications. Every message sent has a unique address code, so any internet server, it can get sent to the purpose. In addition, the internet does not have a central office, or a regulatory body. Group of individuals and corporate members, to International standards and advice, just as the Internet Society ( and the World Wide Web Consortium (, promoting the use of the Internet and develop new communication standards. This standard is the key to the free flow of messages between different computers, and networks, in many organizations, and Internet Servive Providers (ISPs) and systems.

Apikasi Internet

The most popular applications on the Internet, is email, instant messaging, browsing websites on the World Wide Web, and participate in newsgroups and chat rooms. Internet email message usually arrives within a few seconds or a few minutes, in some countries, and may be, for data files, text, fax, and video. Software such as Internet browsers, Nescape Navigator and Internet Explorer, and other browsers, allowing millions of users to surf, on the World Wide Web with the click of multimedia information sources, stored in a variety of business pages, government, and other Web sites that are interconnected. Web site offers, information and entertainment, as well as E-Commerce website transactions between businesses and emasok, as well as customers.

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