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Kalakota and Whinston define E-Commerce from many perspectives, namely: from the perspective of communication, e-Commerce, is the delivery of information products / services, or payments via telephone, or other communication channels. from a business process perspective, E-Commerce is the application of technology towards the automation of business transactions and work flow.dari services perspective, E-Commerce is a tool used untukmengurangi costs in ordering and delivery of goods. from the perspective of online, E-Commerce provides the ability to sell and buy products and information through the Internet and other online services.

Yuan Gao in Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology (2005), states E-Commerce is the use of computer networks for communication in business and transksaksi komersial. And Then Net E-commerce website, E-Commerce is defined as done sell merchandise and / or services through internet.All component  involved in the practical business applied here, as the product is available, method of payment, warranty of products sold, how dansebagainya promotion. such as customer service, product available, method of payment, warranty of products sold, the way of promotion and so on.
All definitions described above essentially have the same components that include transaction (buyer, seller, goods, services and information), subjects and objects involved, and the media used (in this case the internet).
The development of information technology, especially the Internet, is a driving factor of e-commerce development. The Internet is a global network that brings together computer networks worldwide, allowing establishment of communication and interaction with each other around the world. By connecting to the internet company's computer network, the company can establish business relations with business partners or customers more efficiently. Until now, the Internet is an ideal infrastructure to run e-commerce, E-Commerce thus the term became synonymous with doing business on the internet.
Exchange of information in E-Commerce done in digital format so that the need for delivery of data in printed form can be removed. By using computer systems that are connected through telecommunications networks, business transactions can be performed automatically and in a short time. As a result, the information required for the purposes of business transactions are available when required. By doing business electronically, companies can reduce the cost to be incurred for the purposes of sending information. Process transactions take place quickly also result in increased productivity of the company.
By using information technology, E-Commerce can be used as a solution to assist companies in developing corporate and business pressures. The high pressure of the emerging business due to the high level of competition requires companies to be able to respond. The use of E-Commerce can improve cost efficiency and productivity of the company, thus increasing the company's ability to compete.
There are websites the understanding of e-commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods or services over the Internet, especially the World Wide Web.

According to Robert E. Johnson, III (, e-commercemerupakan an act to transact business electronically using the Internet as the main medium of communication
On Website ECARM (The Society For Electronic Commerce And Rights Management) explained that e-commerce in general showed all forms of transactions relating to trading activities, including
organizations and individuals based on the processing and transmission of digital data, including text, sound and visual images (OECD, 1997)

At Planetweb E-commerce Website Solutions, E-commercememiliki sense that a website can be an asset for the company, where the website can make money and be able to describe your company on the internet at the same time.
There Ecommerce Website Net, simply explained that e-commerce is the selling of merchandise and / or services over the internet. All actors involved in the practical business applied here, such as customer service, products available, returns policies and money, advertising, etc..
According to Gary Coulter and John Buddemeir (E-commerce Outline): e-commerce related to sales, advertising, ordering products, which are all done via the internet. Some companies choose to use these businesses as an additional method of traditional businesses, while others use the Internet exclusively to find potential customers.

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