Saturday, January 5, 2013

Building a Customer Focused Business

For many companies, the value of their primary business to be customer-focused business lies in their ability to retain customers it loyal, anticipate future needs, respond to customer concerns, and are providing high berkuatitas customer service. Focus on customer value strategy recognizes that quality, not price, has been a major determinant in customer perception of the value. From the customer's point of view, companies that consistently offer the best value able to track the preferences of each customer, following the market trend, the supply of products, services and information, anytime, anywhere, and provide customer service tailored to the needs of each customer. Besides Internet technology has created strategic opportunities for companies, large and small, to offer services and products that are fast, responsive, and high quality are adjusted to each customer's preference.
Internet technology can make the customer be the focal point of customer relationship management (CRM), e-business and other applications. . System's CRM system, the Internet, intranets and extranets. creating new channels for interactive communication within a company and its customers, and with suppliers, business partners and others in the external environment. This allows continuous interaction with customers to most business functions and encourage cross-functional cooperation with its customers in terms of product development, marketing, delivery, service and technical support.

Typically, customers use the Internet to make a complaint asking questions, evaluating the product, ask for support, and create and report on their purchases. By using the Internet and corporate intranets, experts in a variety of business functions in all enterprise dapatmemberi contributions of an effective response. This prompted the creation of cross-functional group discussion and problem-solving team formed by the involvement of subscriber, service and support to customers. Even Intrernet and intranet support to our suppliers and business partners can be used to register them in a certain way in order to ensure the shipment on time or range of components and quality services to meet the company's commitment to its customers. This is how the business shows focus on value for customers.
Relationships ilustration in customer-focused business. Intranet, extranet, e-Commerce websites and internal business processes that run over the Web, established IT platform does not seem to support this model of e-Business. This allows the business to focus on targeting the types of customers they really want, and "own" the entire experience with the company's business customers. Businesses that successfully facilitate all business processes that impact their customers with a complete view of each customer, so they have the information they need to offer their customers high quality services tailored to each customer. Business that focuses on helping customers in their e-commerce customers to help themselves to themselves., With ttap help customers do their work. Finally, businesses that successfully nurture online communities of customers, employees, and business partners, which may help the development of cooperation to provide a memorable experience for the customer.

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