Sunday, June 8, 2014

Work Flow Management

Work Flow Management

Many of the business processes in e-commerce applications that can be managed and automated with the help softwaremanajemen Part of the work flow. Work flow systems for e-Business collaboration company helps employees electronically collaborate to accomplish tasks in a structured work-based business process knowledge. Work flow management in e-Business and e-Commerce software relies on machine work flow (workflow engine software) which contains a variety of software models in the underlying business processes to be completed. The work flow model reflects the series that has been applied in advance of the various business rules, roles of stakeholders, authorization statement, alternative delivery, databases used, and the sequence of tasks required to process each e-Commerce. Thus, the current system is working to ensure that transactions, decisions and activities appropriate work done, as well as the data and correct document has been sent to the employees, suppliers, and other parties with an interest in the company (stakeholders).

Notification Activity

Most applications are system-driven activity, which responds to a variety of activities, from the first Web site access by new customers, to process the payment and delivery, and for the invaluable customer relationship and supply chain management activities. This is why the supply chain process event notifications (event notification) system plays an important role in e-commerce, because customers, suppliers, and employees and other stakeholders should be informed about all the activities that have an impact on their status in various tansaksi. Software works with event notifications work flow software to monitor all e-Commerce processes and records all relevant events, including sudden changes or problematic situations. The system then works with the user profile creator software to automatically notify all stakeholders are seen in a variety of transactions using the method used by the user or electronic messages, such as email, newsgroups, pagers, and communication via fax. This includes notifying the management company so that they can monitor their employees resposivitas of various e-commerce activities and responses of customers and suppliers.

Cooperation and Trade

The main categories of e-commerce is a process that supports the importance of cooperation agreements and trading services needed by the customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders to complete e-commerce transactions. So in a previous post, we have discussed how e-business tools focused on the customer such as email, discussion systems, and group discussions, growing interest in online communities among the employees and customers to improve customer service and build customer loyalty in e-Commerce. Fundamental cooperation among trading partners in e-commerce can also be provided by the internet based trading services. For example, the Web portal of B2B e-commerce provided by companies such as Ariba and Commerce One supports the matching process, negotiation, and mediation between buyers and sellers. In addition, B2B e-commerce platform and relies heavily on Internet-based trading portal that provides online purchase and auction for the company's e-Business. Therefore, lelalng and developed online trading companies such as FreeMarkets leh, have changed the procurement process in many large companies. This and other e-commerce will be discussed next post.

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