Sunday, June 1, 2014

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration

How a company connects some of the cross-functional enterprise systems, which have been discussed in the last post. Enterprise Application Integration-EAI software, used by many companies to link e-business applications, such as CRM and ERP. EAI software allows users to create models of business processes that are involved in interactions that must occur between business applications. EAI also provides middleware that performs the conversion and data coordination, communication applications and messaging services , as well as access to a range of application interfaces involved . Thus , EAI software can integrate enterprise applications with various groups enabling them to exchange data in accordance with the rules of business process models developed by users. For example, regulations that would normally reads; ' When an order is complete, the application for the order to send accounting bills and remind the delivery section to send the product.

Thus, EAI software can integrate applications and back office of the company so that they can work together seamlessly and integrated. This is an important capability that provides real business value for companies that must respond quickly and effectively a wide range of business activities and subscriber demand . For example, the integration of enterprise applications group has shown to dramatically increase the response and effectiveness of the call center . It is caused by EAI to integrate various access to all customer data and products needed by the customer service department employees to be able to serve customers quickly. EAI also shorten the processing of sales orders so that products and services can be delivered more quickly to customers. So, EAI repair experience with enterprise customers and supplier companies because the response.

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