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Marketing Systems

Marketing Systems

Business functions of marketing associated with the planning, promotion, and sales of existing products in existing markets, as well as the development of new products and markets brbagai new to be able to attract and better serve existing customers and prospective customers. Business firms are increasingly turning to technology to help them perform inference marketing functions, important in the face of changes in the current environment is changing rapidly.

We describe illustrate how marketing information systems provide a variety of information technology that supports the main components of the marketing function. For example, a web site or intranet and internet services to make the process interactive marketing can be done by the customer to be a partner in making, marketing, purchasing, and improved its range of products and services . Sales automation systems using mobile computing and information technology to automate a wide range of activities to support information processing and ma najemen sales. Marketing information systems in customer relationship management, product planning, pricing, and other product management decisions, advertising, sales promotion, and targeted marketing strategies, as well as research and market forecast. Let's take a closer look at all three of these marketing applications.

Interactive Marketing.

Interactive marketing products are found to describe pemaran process that focuses on the customer, which is based on the use of internet, intranet and extranet to create a two -way transaction anatar company with customers or prospective customers. The goal of interactive marketing is to allow companies to use their networks menguntukan in order to attract and retain customers who will be partners preformance company makes , as well as raise the purchase of products and services.

Targeted marketing.

Targeted marketing has become an important tool in developing advertising and promotional strategies to strengthen the company's e-commerce businesses , as well as the location of the company's business . We illustrate the concept of targeted marketing and advertising campaign management that includes five major components, namely :

community; Companies can customize the advertising messages and their web promotion methods to appear in depat people in a particular community. Those interested can berupakomunitas, such as virtual communities online sports fan, or those with a hobby arts and crafts, or geographic community formed by a city or a website other local organizations.
contents; Ads such as electronic billboards or banners can be placed on various Web sites selected, in addition to the company's web site. The contents of these messages are aimed at the target group. An advertising campaign for the product on the opening pages of Internet search engines is a common example .
context; Ads appear only on web pages that are relevant to the content of the product or service. So, advertising is directed only at persons who have been looking for information about a subject (traveling on vacation, for example) associated with the company's products (car rental services , for example).
Demographic or physiographic regions; Web marketing efforts can dtujukan only on the types or certain classes of human beings : not married, twenties, middle- income, male university graduates, for example.
Online Behavior; Advertising and promotional efforts may be established any presence of visiting a website by someone. This strategy is based on various techniques such as search, files a "cookie " that web visitors recorded on the disk drives of various previous visits. This allows the company to trace a person's online behavior on the web site so that marketing efforts (such as cash coupon redeemable at retail stores or e-commerce web sites) can be directed to that person whenever he visited their website.

Sales Force Automation.

More and more computers and the Internet that provides a means to automate the sales force. In many companies, the sales force is equipped with nootbook computer, web browser, and sales contract management software that connects them with marketing websites on the internet, extranet and intarnet their company. This not only improves personal productivity, sales force, but scecara dramatically speed up the capture and analysis of sales data from the field to The marketing manager at the company headquarters. Finally, it enables marketing and sales management to improve the delivery of information and support they provide to their salespeople. Therefore, many companies saw sales force automation as a way to gain a strategic advantage in sales productivity and marketing responsiveness.

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