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Cooperation System Company

Cooperation System Company

Business problem that is really hard to have a lot of aspects. Often times the main decision depends on the search to one or two sudden pieces of additional information and special rapid analysis of several possible scenarios. You need a software tool to easily combine and re- combine the data from many sources. People widespread need to work together and process the data in different ways.

Enterprise Collaboration System-ECS is an information system that functions lntas improve communication, coordination, and cooperation among team members and business workgroups. Information technology, particularly Internet technology, providing a range of tools to help us work together to communicate ideas, share resources, and effort mengkoordinaskan desires our cooperation as a member of the formal and informal processes, project teams, and work groups that make up the organization at this time. Thus, the purpose of the cooperation system of the company is to enable us to work together more easily and effectively by helping us to :

•   Communication; share information with each other
•   Coordinate; coordinate our efforts and activities of the individual using resource sharing with others .
• Working together; working together cooperatively on joint projects and assignments .

For example, the technicians, experts in business, and outside consultants to form a virtual team for a project. The team can rely on intranets and extranets to collaborate mealalui email, video conferencing, discussion forums, and multimedia databases within the company about the progress of the project Web site. Cooperation system companies can use a PC at work dijaringkan to different server where the database project, corporate, and other databases, stored. In addition, the server network can provide a wide range of software resources, such as Web browsers, and application packages, to help the team work until the project is completed .

Tool for Cooperation Company.

Capabilities and potential of the Internet, as well as intranets and extranets, moving the demand for collaboration tools better company in the business. In other words, Internet technologies, such as Web browsers and servers, documents and hypermedia databases, as well as intranets and extranets that provide standards for hardware, software, data and networking bagibanyak collaboration groupware tool for companies that want company. I draw illustrations overview of several software tools for electronic communications, electronic conferencing, and management of collaborative activities.

Electronic communication devices; include email, voice mail, fax, web publication , Bulletin Board System, pagers, and internet telephone system. These tools allow you to electronically transmit a variety of messages, documents, and files in the form of data, text, sound, or multimedia through the network komputer.Hal help you share everything from voicemail to text to copy various project documents and files the data with your team members , wherever they are, Ease and efficiency of such communications is a major contributor in the process of cooperation.

Conference collaboration tool; help people communicate and work together while working together . Various methods of conference allows the team members and work groups in different locations to exchange ideas interactively on the same times, or at different times as they wish. This includes data and voice conferencing, video conferencing, conversation system, as well as discussion forums. Options include electronic conference meetings and group support systems other systems where the team members can meet at the same place and sat in the background Decission room, or use the Internet to work together anywhere in the world.

Management tools of collaborative activities; helping people to resolve or manage the activities of the working group . This software categories include tool- making calendars and schedules, project and task management, workflow systems, and tool-making, editing and revision of documents together, can be found in the software suite.

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