Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Transaction Processing Systems

Transaction Processing Systems

Transaction Processing System is a cross-functional information systems that process data from business transactions. Transaction processing system introduced in my previous writings, as one of the major categories of information system applications in business .
Transactions are a variety of activities that occur as part of the business activities, such as sales, purchase, storage, withdrawals, refunds and payments. For example, imagine the data produced when the company selling something to a customer on credit , either from a retail store or through e-commerce sites on the Web. Data about customers, products, salespeople, stores, and other companies should be captured and processed. This ultimately led to additional transactions, such as credit checks, customer billing, changes in inventory , accounts receivable and an increase in the number of businesses, which generate even more data. Thus, transaction processing activities required to capture and process such data, or business operations will slow down until it stops. Therefore, a transaction processing system plays an important role in supporting the company's e-business operations.
Transaction Processing System Online strategic role in e-commerce. Many companies using the Internet, extranets, and other networks that bind them electronically to their customers or suppliers for online transaction processing, online transcation processing-OLTP . Real-time systems of this kind, that catch and process transactions quickly, can help companies provide superior service to its customers and other trading partners. This ability to add value to their products and services, and then give them a valuable way to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Transaction Processing Cycle

Transaction processing systems, capture and store data that describes the various business transactions, renewing the organization's database, and produce a wide range of information products. You must understand this as a transaction processing cycles of various business activities such as the following :
Data Entry. The first step of the transaction processing cycle is catching business data.The example , the data can be collected by post transaction terminal using optical code scanner and credit card reader lines in retail stores or other businesses. Alternatively, transaction data can be captured through an e-commerce website on the internet. Adequate recording and editing of data, so that data can be quickly and correctly captured for processing, is one of the major challenges in the system design of information systems (discussed in the next post).
Transaction Processing.
Transaction processing system processes the data in two basic ways (1) batch processing, transaction data that accumulates over time and processed periodically, and (2) real-time processing, also called online processing, which processes the data immediately after the transaction. All online transaction processing system combines real-time processing capabilities. Many online system also relies on the ability of' fault tolerance' computer system can continue to run even though Sebaian of system failure . The concept of fault tolerance will dibahan upcoming posts.

Database Maintenance. The database is to be maintained by the organization transaction processing systems so that they are always right and the new . Therefore, a transaction processing system to update the organization's corporate database to reflect the changes in the results of daily transactions . For example , sales of loans to customers will make the customer account balances rise and reduced the amount of inventory on hand. Maintenance of the database to ensure that these changes and other changes are reflected in the records stored in the database datayang company.

Preparation of documents and reports. Transaction processing system produces a wide range of documents and reports. Examples of transaction documents include purchase orders, payroll checks, sales receipts, sales invoices and statements to customers. Transaction reports can be shaped like a payroll transaction list, or edit a report that describes the various errors that are detected during processing.

Processing Request. Many transaction processing system allows you to use the internet, intranet and Web browser , or database management query language to make requests and receive responses with regard to the results of transaction processing activities . Typically, responses displayed in different formats or screens that have been previously dipesifikasikan. For example , you can check the status of a sales order, the balance in an account, or the number of items in stock sertamenerima immediate response to your PC.


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