Sunday, June 8, 2014

Search Management

Search Management

Search process efficiently and effectively provide the ability for Web sites of leading e-commerce to help customers find the products or services they wish to be evaluated or purchased. E-Commerce Software may include components of a search engine Web site, or search engine companies can get special e-commerce search technology companies such as Google and Requisite Technology. Search engines can use a combination of various search techniques, including search by content (product descriptions, for example), or based on parameters (eg, above, below, or between a certain range of values ​​for the various properties of the product).

Content Management and Catalog

Content management software helps e-commerce companies to develop, generate, transmit, update, and save text data and multimedia information on the site, an e-Commerce site. For example, the German media giant Bertelsmann, owner of some of, using the content manager software StoryServer to produce Web page templates that allow the online editor of six international offices easily publish and update the review books and information lainny products, which are sold (by syndicate ) to other e-Commerce sites.
The contents of the e-Comerce often shaped multimedia catalog regarding product information. So, create catalogs and manage content is the main circuit from content management. For example, W.W. Grainger & Co., a distributor of industrial parts worth several billion dollars, using catalog management software suite centerstage to pull data from more than 2,000 suppliers database, standardize and translate the data into HTML or XML for use on the Web, and administer and improve the delivery of data to fast as multimedia Web pages on their web site,

This software and management tools profiler working with the foregoing, to personalize content of Web pages viewed by each user. For example, using OnDisplay content management software to drive personalized promotional information about oppurtunity  another trip to the users while they remain trlibat in online transactions relating to their journey.

Lastly, the content and catalog management can be expanded to include product configuration processes that support Web-based self-service and mass adjustments over the various products of the company. Configuration software helps online customers to select the optimum range of product features that allow, that can be incorporated into finished goods. For example, Dell Computer and Systems Cysco using the configuration software to sell computers and network processors bespoke to their online customers.

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