Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Functional Systems Business

Functional Systems Business

The move from traditional business managers where they can avoid the delegate, or ignore decisions on IT to marketing planning, product, internationalization, organizational or financial plan can not be without involving IT decision like that.

There are many ways to use information technology in business because there are some activities to do business, the business problem to be solved, and the business opportunities that should be pursued. As a practitioner of business, you should have a basic understanding and appreciation of the various ways to use information systems to support each business function that must be resolved in a company that wants to succeed. So in this paper, we discuss the business functional systems, ie different types of information systems (transaction processing, information management, decision support, etc.) that supports a variety of business functions such as accounting, finance, marketing, operations management, and resource management humans.

IT in Business

As a business practitioners, it is also important that you have a specific understanding of how information systems affect the function bisnistertentu, for example marketing , or certain industries, eg banking, which is directly related to your career goals, for example, someone who is a career tjuan marketing positions within the bank should have a basic understanding of how information systems used in banks and how the information system supports a wide range of marketing activities within banks and other companies. Thus, the system infirmasi in this section will be analyzed according to the business functions they support with a look at some important examples in each area of ​​functionality. This will give you awards for various business functional systems used by companies large and small.

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