Thursday, June 5, 2014

Electronic Commerce Systems - Introduction to e-Commerce

Introduction to e-Commerce

E-Commerce changing the shape of competition, speed of action and streamlining interactions, products and payments from customers to the company and from the company to the supplier.

For most businesses today, e-Commerce is more than just buying and selling products online. Instead, an e-Commerce covers the entire process of development , marketing, sales, delivery, service, and payment for various products and services are bought and sold in the global market networked customers , with the support of a network of business partners around the world. As will be discussed in this post, e-Commerce systems rely on internet resources and many other information technology to support each step of the process. We will also see that many big or small companies, which are involved in some form of e-Commerce activity. Therefore, developing the ability of e-Commerce has become an important option that should be considered by most companies today.

Scope of e-Commerce

Illustrated the scope of the business processes involved in marketing, purchasing, sales, and service of products and services in companies doing e-Commerce. Companies that rely on e-Commerce either as buyers or sellers rely on Internet-based technology, and applications and e-Commerce services to complete the process of marketing, product discovery, transaction processing, and customer service processes and products. For example, e-Commerce can encompass interactive marketing, ordering, payment and process support to customers through catalogs and e-Commerce auction site on the World Wide Web. However, e -Commerce also includes a variety of business processes such as access to inventory databases by customers and suppliers (transaction processing), intranet access by the customer relationship management system for customer service representatives (service and support), and customer collaboration in product development through exchange email and news groups on the internet (marketing/discovery).

E - Commerce Technology .

What technology is needed for e-Commerce? The short answer is most of the technology and Internet technology that will be discussed in the e-Commerce system . Illustrated technology resources needed by many e-Commerce system, consisting of multiple hardware, software, data, and network components are used to provide e-Commerce Online auction.

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