Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Success Factors of E-Commerce

Success Factors of E-Commerce

On the Internet, obstruction of time, distance, and forms impenetrable, until the company can conduct sales transactions of goods and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with customers from all over the world. In some cases, even a thing might be done to change the physical goods (CDs, software packages, newspapers) in the form of virtual goods (MP3 audio, software that can be downloaded, the information in HTML format).

The fundamental fact of retailers in the Internet retailing Web sites are all created equal. The slogan "location, location, location" in retail is not an important thing. No site closer to the customer site, and competitors offering goods and services that are almost the same, only one click. This makes the company must find a way to build satisfaction, loyalty, and customer relationships, so that customers keep coming back to their web store. So, the key to the success of electronic retailing are several key factors such as optimizing the choice and value, performance and service efficiency, the look and feel of the site, advertising and incentives to purchase, personal attention, the relationship with the community, as well as security and reliability. Let us consider for a moment the factors critical to the success of the B2B Web business.

Choice and value. Of course, a business must offer a great selection of products and services that appeal to customers at competitive prices or they will quickly go from a web store. However, the price of the lowest in the company should not be trusted if they are building a reputation for high quality, guaranteed satisfaction, and customer support is great for the customer when the customer is good for shopping and after going on sale. For example, a leading electronics retailer, help you choose a variety of outdoor sports equipment for hiking and other activities with the "How to Choose," and give a guarantee of your money back on your purchase.

Performance and Service. B2C sites can offer a display Web, shopping areas, and exciting multimedia product catalog. This can range from a pleasant shopping experience through audio, video, and motion graphics to look and feel more simple and convenient. So, most of the E-Commerce site retailers, enabling customers to explore different parts of the product, adding them to a virtual shopping cart, and enter the virtual cashier they are prepared to pay for the order.

Advertising and Incentives. Some web stores advertise in traditional media, but most of the site with banner advertising in targeted and personalized advertising and promotion of web pages or email. Most B2C website also offers shoppers an incentive to buy and restore. Typically, this means giving coupons, discounts, special offers, and vouchers for other Web services, Web sites sometimes with other electronics retailers in website traffic. Many web stores that also increase their market by being part of an exchange program with thousands of web banner advertising to other Web retailers. We compare a wide range of communication options in the main market of traditional marketing and E-Commerce to support any purchasing process.

Personal Attention. Personalize your shopping experience and encourage you to buy a re-visit. Thus, E-Commerce software can automatically record the details of your visit and build user profiles as well as other buyers. Many sites also encourage you to register their site and fill out a profile hobby. Furthermore, whenever you come back, you are greeted by name or personal web pages, addressed with special offers and in various parts of the site are of most interest to you. The ability of direct marketing and relationship building is one of the main advantages of the retail practice of personalized web.

Community Relations. Giving online customers who have a special interest in the process of having the feeling of a group of similar individuals, help build customer loyalty and indigo. Thus, relations Web site and attraction marketing programs, build community and promote virtualantara customer, supplier, company representatives, and others through the Web-based collaboration tool. Examples include discussion forums or newsgroups, chat room, message board system (message board system), and cross-linking to related websites community.

Security and Reliability. As a customer of a successful Web store, you should feel confident that credit card, personal information, and details of your transactions secure from unauthorized use. You also need to feel that you are dealing with a trustworthy company, whose products and other website information you can trust like with advertising. Order fulfillment and delivery is done in accordance with your request, within the time promised, and with good customer support, are other measures of the reliability of the electronic retailer.

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