Saturday, May 17, 2014

Various Benefits of ERP

Many major companies find business value from the use of ERP in some fundamental way .

Quality and Efficiency. ERP creates a framework to integrate and enhance the company's internal business processes , which resulted in significant improvements in the quality and efficiency of customer service , production and distribution.

Decrease Costs. Many companies reported a significant decrease in the cost of transaction processing and hardware, software and IT support staff , when compared with legacy systems that are not integrated are replaced by their new ERP system .

Decision Support. ERP provides information about business performance across functions is very important , appropriate for managers to be able to significantly improve their ability to make decisions in a timely manner across the entire business enterprise .

Corporate agility. Implementing an ERP system is breaking down the walls of many departments and functions, or " fortress " of various business processes, information systems, and information resources. This results in the organizational structure of managerial responsibilities, and the role of flexible working , and hence produce and labor organizations more agile and adaptive, which can more easily take advantage of new business opportunities .

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