Saturday, May 31, 2014

Benefits and Challenges of CRM

Benefits and Challenges of CRM

The potential business benefits of customer relationship management very much. For example, the CRM allows a company to identify and focus on their best customers, those who are the most profitable for the company , so that they can be retained as lifelong customers for greater service and profitable. Customer relationship management customization and personalization enables real-time ata range of products and services based on their wants, needs, and buying habits of the customer life cycle. CRM can also browse the time when customers call the company, where any connection point. The CRM system also allows the company to provide a consistent experience and superior service and support to customers, at all points of contact are chosen by the customer. All of these benefits will provide strategic business value for the company and great customer value for its customers.

CRM failure

Business benefits of customer relationship management is not guaranteed and it is proven to trap for many companies. Berbaai survey conducted industry research group includes a report stating that more than 50 percent of CRM projects do not give the results promised. In the other study reports 20 percent of the companies surveyed reported that CRM implementation actually have damaged their long-standing relationships with customers. Moreover, in a survey of over 25 senior management satisfaction management tool, although 72 percent of them expect to implement CRM in the near future.

What is the reason for the high rate of failure or dissatisfaction with CRM -related business? Research shows that the main reason it is common; lack of understanding and preparation. In other words, corporate managers often rely on the famous novel application of information technology (such as CRM) to solve business problems without first developing a business process and change management programs needed changes. For example, in many cases, failed CRM projects are implemented without participation from of the parties with an interest in the company (stakeholders) involved with the project. Therefore, the employees and customers are not ready for a variety of processes or new challenges which are famil of new CRM implementation. We will discuss failure in information technology management, system implementation and change management in the writings to come.

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